Family Reunion Planning
Without Pulling Out Your Hair

Family reunion planning, like wedding or any event planning, can be stress free - from organizing, to selecting a theme, location, activities and more - you can have a very successful event and it's all here in Family-Reunion-Central.


Most families look forward to an enjoyable get-together; but no one wants to take on what seems to be an overwhelming task to plan such an event. With the proper guidance, well thought family reunion planning can lead to a successful event that will be achieved without a lot of hassle.

If you are at this site, you are considering planning a family event; you are looking for answers. You want to know:

  • How to start organizing and planning a family reunion
  • How to set up a chain of communication
  • How to develop a family reunion budget
  • Decide on a theme for your reunion
  • How to select a suitable location
  • You want to find keepsakes, such as t-shirts, caps & mugs
  • You want to find ideas for activities, and above all,
  • You want to know what is involved in the whole process.

Great, you have come to the right place.

Select the topics of interest in the upper left column - when you go into each main topic, search out the several sub-topics for lots of information that will get your ideas "gelling".  I offer different suggestions within the various topics, so you can make a decision according to the likes and needs of your family.

We will discuss how to organize, plan and communicate by the traditional methods and how to accomplish these tasks by social networking.

The first thing to consider in your family reunion planning is that you will probably be known as “The Planner”, "The Chairperson", "The Host". Whatever they call you, it is a big responsibility and it takes commitment. You can do it; but, if it’s going to be a larger than just having a few people gather together - you will need help.

I will show you how to “volunteer” family members for committees; then with all your heads together, many ideas and suggestions will come to mind. It will be fun.

Depending on the size and scope of your reunion will also determine how much time you will need for the planning. It will also determine how much of the information contained within this website will be pertinent to you and your needs.  Use what you need, it's here for the taking.

So, unless your reunion is small, 20 – 25 people, and being held in your home or backyard, it would probably be a good idea to get started with your planning as soon as possible. After all how long did it take you to plan your daughter’s wedding, or how long did it take to plan that cruise. See what I mean?

REMEMBER - your family reunion may be any gathering which may include:

  • a wedding
  • an anniversary
  • a special birthday
  • a veteran's homecoming
  • or any other event

So . . .  go through these pages and find what is helpful for you in your planning.

This is always a "work in progress" site and new information is added frequently - check back often. I think you will be pleased.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, I would love to hear them, just click here.

So, now that you have taken that first step forward . . . in your family reunion planning,

Let’s get started on a successful event with lots of fun and memories.

Table of Contents

Family reunion planning and organizing in easy to follow steps.
Family Reunion Committees
Family reunion committees are essential for a successful event
Family Reunion Timetable
A family reunion timetable is a necessary tool for successful family reunion planning
Family reunion communication means keeping family members informed byinvitations, announcements and newsletters
Family Reunion Announcement
Family Reunion Announcement to all your guests of your upcoming family reunion
Family Reunion Invitations
Family Reunion Invitations to a GREAT Event
Family Reunion Newsletter
A family reunion newsletter is a tool to keep everyone closer and informed
Family Reunion Survey
A family reunion survey provides important information for reunion ideas and planning
Family Reunion Website and Social Networking
A family reunion website and social networking is a means to keep family connected throughout the year
Internet Family Reunion Planning
Internet family reunion planning is an up-to-date cost effective way of communication.
A family reunion budget and the control of it leads to a successful event.
Family Reunion Fundraising
Family reunion fundraising events bring in additional money to help defray charges to your guests.
Reunion party themes may attract more guests and add lots of fun for everyone.
Ethnic Themes
Ethnic themes keep family traditions alive
Family Reunion History Theme
A family reunion history theme brings the past to the present.
Family Reunion Outdoor Themes
Family reunion outdoor themes can accommodate a large, casual gathering.
Types of Reunions
Types of reunions with special themes celebrate milestones..
Family reunion locations may include anything from city, state and national parks to resorts, family cruises, dude ranches and more.
Family Reunion Casino Resorts
Family reunion casino resorts offer fun for the entire family, not just the adults
Dude Ranch
A dude ranch family reunion to bond the family ties.
Family Reunion Cruises
Family reunion cruises are all inclusive locations with activities to appeal to a multi-generational family
Family reunion park locations
Family reunion park locations include everything from city, state and national recreation areas to themed parks..
Resorts For Family Reunions
Resorts for family reunions make a wonderful selection to combine a reunion with a family vacation.
Imprinted reunion keepsakes depict family pride and unity.
Family Reunion Souvenirs
Family reunion souvenirs are reminders of your fun-filled family gathering.
Reunion Tee Shirts and Hats
Reunion tee shirts, hats and other apparel, imprinted with a family logo, characterizes pride.
Reunion activities encourages bonding, communication and interaction
Activities for Kids at Family Reunions
Activities for Kids at family reunions keep them from getting bored
Family Storytelling
Family storytelling recalls memorable family events
Games at family reunions
Games at family reunions encourage participation
Reunion Icebreakers
Reunion icebreakers make individuals feel welcome in a family.
Family reunion accommodations are a major consideration for families from out-of-town


Life is meant to be a celebration. 

Leo Buscaglia

You never know when you're making a memory

    Rickie Lee Jones

It is in the shelter of each other that people live.

    Irish Proverb

A joyous occasion is never quite as wonderful as when it becomes a memory.

    Jimmy Carter

"Let me start with my generation - with the grandparents out there. You are our living link to the past. Tell your grandchildren the story of the struggles we had, at home and abroad. Of sacrifices freely made for freedom's sake. And tell them your own story as well - because every American has a story to tell."  

George H. W. Bush