About Me and Why I Enjoy
Family Reunion Planning

You are probably wondering about me and why I started this website.

When my sister and I were kids and growing up in a large Italian family, we didn't have to do family reunion planning - it was just the family together and it was usually every Sunday.

We grew up living upstairs from our mother's parents and our family consisted of eight uncles, five aunts, their spouses and all our cousins - so you see - there was always family around.

Then I married into a family of three sons and one daughter. My husband's mother had four sisters and his father's family was still in Italy, but he considered his friends his extended family and we called them all "comare" and "compare".

By the time we were married 7 years, we had three daughters and one son. They're all married now and from them we have fourteen grandchildren (which includes a couple we inherited through marriage and that we love dearly) and five great-grandchildren.

So, as you see, I know families!

This is the Baggetta Family in 1989

Can you imagine the size of our family now?

I've been planning dinners and gatherings for many years. My guest list numbered from just a few to over 200. It didn't matter where it was held, as long as the family was together - we lived, laughed and loved - and that was before the phrase became popular.

The family gatherings have changed over the years; we're spread out all over the country now. So, we don't see each other as often anymore - thus family reunion planning came into the picture.

Whenever the family gets together now, it doesn't matter if it's just a couple over for dinner or the entire "clan" at a picnic. We are just very happy whenever we see each other, no matter how much time has passed between visits. And, if you know about me, you know I feel the most precious moments are when I get to hold the newest baby in the family - or sit and talk to an elder about the "old days". It also warms my heart to watch the different generations interact with each other. We we're together, we are making cherished memories to hold in our minds and hearts forever.

Many family members are gone now, but I try to keep their memories alive through my genealogy work. Then at family reunions, they are always remembered. After all, without them, where would we be?

So now you know a bit about me and I hope you feel about your family as I do mine and, perhaps, you are thinking a family reunion would be "just great" . . . and for this reason, you came to my site. I will send you from About Me to the Planning page, so you can get started - It's Fun!

Thank you and welcome . . . 

Nana Betty

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