Family reunion accommodations are a major consideration for out-of-town families who will be attending your event.

While deciding on a location, it is a good idea to also consider what arrangements are available for your "stay-over" guests in the vicinity.

If you have selected to have an extended reunion at a resort, vacation spot, cruise or dude ranch, your accommodations will be included and shouldn't be an item of too much concern.

However, a place to spend the night should be considered even if your event is just for one day, many of your out-of-town guests may still need someplace to stay overnight before heading back home.

Let's look at the types of accommodations to consider for the various loctions and duration of your event.


For a short-term event, you may have many "stay-over" guests who will need sleeping arrangements, here are a few to consider:

Relatives homes - Contact local relatives to see if they may offer sleeping facilities in their homes; be it an extra room, couch, sleeping bags on a floor or whatever.


Hotels/Motels/B&B - Most of your relatives may feel more comfortable staying in hotels, motels or even a B&B for the connvenience and privacy available. Check the rates at several facilities near your chosen location, then you will be able to offer a site that will match the various family budgets.


For an event of longer duration, such as a family vacation - family reunion accommodations may be included in your location selection or rented separately. Some categories follow:

Vacation Rentals or Condos - These accommodations can solve a multitude of situations, from sleeping, dining in, to just having a place to relax.

Cabins, lodges, and for the "brave at heart" - campsites are accommodations to consider if your reunion is planned for a longer period of time and you have chosen a location in the mountains, seashore or national park.

Recreation Vehicles (RV) - Some family members may be arriving in their own "bed on wheels"; you may want your planning committee to check out parking facilities and inquire about hook-ups, etc, if the vehicle is going to be parked and used for a few days or more.


Ranch - If your reunion is going to be held at a dude ranch, the owner/operators will provide you all the information you will need about the facilities they offer; from bunkhouse to ranch house and more.


Cruise Ship or Riverboat Cruises - If your family reunion is planned to take place on a cruise ship, then no worries, lodging will be totally taken care of in the cost of the cruise.

Houseboats - Is your reunion planned for a lake or river location? Then houseboats can solve a multitude of situations.


If you have anyone in the family with limited mobility that will be attending, be sure to select locations with them in mind. If they are in a wheelchair and their family reunion accommodations are going to be in a hotel/motel, make sure the rooms are wheelchair accessible. Some facilities say they are handicapped accessible, which means guests can use a shower easily by not having to step into a tub and there are hand bars next to the commodes - but wheelchairs cannot fit into the doors or around the beds. Check this out when selecting your hotel/motel facilities.


If guests are going to stay in hotels/motels, always select two or three different facilities, to offer a selection of rates. Most will offer discounts and package rates when a certain number of rooms are "blocked". Rates may also be negotiated if your reunion is going to be held at the same location as your event.

Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness in offering a selection from which they can choose.

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