Family Reunion Fundraising
Helps Offset Charges To Your Guests

Family reunion fundraising brings in start-up money and helps offset the charges to your guests.

We know we will start off with zero money when planning a first family reunion event. So how can we pay for the upfront expenses that are necessary to get everything going? We know there will be:

  • Facility deposit
  • Caterer deposit
  • Printing
  • Postage
  • Deposits for memorabilia orders
  • And more – “things” have a way of “raising up their heads” waiting to be paid.

So, where can we get money to set up the checking account? PayPal, ING Direct or ALLY Bank are very good online financial organizations to consider.

First of all, if someone in the family just hit the lottery and is willing to pay for the entire event - GREAT - but we all know that's not going to happen! Then you may find some family members willing to donate money to get started with and that is wonderfulbut you will need more.

Let’s look at family reunion fundraising options. If you are planning your event well in advance, you may want to hold one or more of the following:

Garage, yard or rummage sale - get family members to start cleaning out closets and gather eveything for a GREAT sale. Whatever items aren't sold, try listing them on eBay.

Car Washes - teenagers LOVE to do these, especially on a warm day.

Baked Goods Sale - cookies, cupcakes & cakes. Get those aunts to make some goodies from their favorite recipes, then don't forget to copy the recipe and put it into the Family Cookbook.

Popcorn Sale - Tins of popcorn from Popcorn Palace are good fundraising items.

Casino and Bingo Nights - who doesn't LOVE these fun events?

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If well organized, these fundraising events can be lots of fun and could net some very good results.


Consider a card reader app from Intuit to be able to accept credit cards
for any of the above functions - very convenient.

So, now you have some money in your coffers. You are getting a better idea of what to charge your guests. Checks are coming in, but it looks like you are coming up a bit “short” – YIKES! What to do??


Fundraiser Website

RAFFLES and AUCTIONS can be planned during the event.

Family heirlooms and old pictures are great for auctions and remember Granny’s old quilt or Grandpa’s wine barrel make excellent raffle items.

Another way to offset expenses is to sell reunion memorabilia or keepsake items. Of special interest would be items with the reunion logo on them, such as:

  • T-shirts – advance orders can be taken and prepayment can be made with the order
  • Tote bags – include “freebies” from businesses & chamber of commerce
  • Mugs, key chains
  • Ball caps/Hats
  • Buttons – make different from name tags, sell as souvenirs
  • Umbrellas
  • Cook books – with family recipes
  • Genealogy books – your family genealogist can do this

The Genealogy and Cook books can be on display and orders taken, with a deposit. This holds the cost of printing until you have the money to pay for them.

So now, with your family reunion fundraising, raffles and auctions, it looks like your budgets are well under control and you are going to be able to pay for your reunion expenses.


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