Family Reunion Planning
and Organization
Leads to a Successful Event

Organization in family reunion planning is key to a successful event.   It begins with a “blueprint”; an organization chart and timetable to keep you and all who assist you on track.

Remember, you will in all probability be the family reunion "Party Planner", so if your event is going to be sizeable, your first step in your planning is the organization of Committees - then delegate!

  • If your gathering is going to consist of only about 20-25 people or less – this is considered a small group and you probably can do all the planning yourself, or with another person or two.
  • If it’s going to be a “full-blown’ affair, where you will invite the entire clan, then the job may be huge and you will need all the help you can get.

You may be the best party planner around and have all the skills and talents to perform all the tasks necessary in your family reunion planning, but why would you want to do that? In a short period of time you will be so overwhelmed that you would be “pulling out your hair”.

Your first steps to planning a family reunion is to start contacting individuals in your family who you feel have very useful talents that they can contribute – you know who they are. For starters you would need:

  • A “number pusher” who would be a great Budgets and Finance person; to set up your reunion budget and manage the coming and going of money.
  • A Food and Beverage person; the Family Cook fits in here.
  • A Communications person; your computer expert who loves to design forms, set up data bases and mailing lists would be ideal. An assistant to this person would be someone who loves to talk on the phone.
  • An Activities person; you know who the “party animal” of the family is - they can look at party themes and run with them - and don’t forget a teenager to be in charge of the kid’s activities and games.

These are just four suggestions to starting a Planning Committee. You may want to add other individuals to head up other various committees such as:

  • Welcoming and Keepsakes
  • Accommodations & Travel
  • Entertainment
  • And don’t forget the job, no one likes: Set-up and Clean-up


Remember, the larger your family reunion
the more help you will need.

By all means, don’t forget to get members of different generations involved. With their involvement, you can be sure to get ideas and suggestions for all age groups that can only add to the success of your reunion.

Here's a great idea - if you can't find people to fill out your committees try using offers a family reunion website, which may  have a dramatic effect on the attendance at the reunion.  The website includes special family reunion features to help you collect family member information, family photos, ticket payments as well as share event details, stories and more. 

It is the best way to share all the event details, hotel information and create a buzz that builds momentum right up to the event itself.  One of the most popular family reunion website features is the Family Tree.  You can include up to two family trees and include photos and family history.  Start My Family Reunion Website Now.

Any Event Website

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