Family Reunion Announcement

A family reunion announcement should be sent to your guest list when a date and location have been selected for your event. Your guest list should now be developing further through the surveys that are being returned.

A family reunion announcement, "Save-The-Date" postcards, emails or a family reunion letter informing your guests of everything you have planned so far are all excellent forms of communicating with the family.

Also, let them know that more information will be coming as it develops. This is where you can inform them of a newsletter or a family website that may be developed .

It is very important to keep communicating with the family, in any form you decide upon, to keep the interest in the family reunion exciting.

Templates for "Save-The-Date" postcards that can be used for this type of communication are available through

If you would like to add photos or clip art, such as what I use on this site, you will find a huge assortment available at

You can also purchase pre-printed postcards from the many printing companies, either online or in your neighborhood.

You may want these postcards to have a R.S.V.P. card attached. This will generate more names of attendees since they now know when it will occur. 

Remember when selecting your date that - Timeliness is always a concern.

If your event is going to include children, then you may consider a summer family reunion - then families can plan their vacations around the reunion date.

You should also let everyone know that the date that was selected is set and cannot be changed. It is unfortunate if someone cannot attend, but if you give enough time for them to arrange their calendar everything should be just fine!

Here is a note for your timetable: Sending a postcard, invitation or letter approximately six months prior to your event should give plenty of time for planning.

Family Reunion Announcement UPDATE

Utilizing an online event planning website such as may eliminate a great deal of work on your part.  Everything is in one place and it is fast and easy to use - it even tracks RSVPs.  What a big help!  Try it free for 7 days and receive a free ebook "Family Planning 101" - a $29.54 value (see under Resources on the MyEvent home page.

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