A Family Reunion Budget
To Pay for Your Family Affair

A family reunion budget and its control = a successful event

Keep this simple thought in mind during your family reunion budget planning.

"Every event costs money; the bigger the event, the more money it will cost."

The review of the family reunion survey results will assist in the planning to determine what size and type of event to consider.


For instance, if lots of children are included among the guests, then a picnic is appropriate. If the list is primarily adults only, then perhaps a dinner reception should be considered.




So, now we are ready to create a family reunion budget.

An excellent choice to hold your budget to a minimum, is a "B-Y-O" (bring-your-own) picnic. It is the least expensive for any size gathering and the most comfortable for all involved.

Your event can be held at a city park, which in most cases is free. Always check with your city offices to be sure. A county park will charge anywhere from $50.00 up, depending on the size of your group. Reservations are required.

The only other expenses to consider for this type of reunion would be for postage and decorations, since:

  • Each family would provide their own food
  • Each family would provide their own entertainment & activities
  • No expenses for reunion t-shirts or mugs
  • Photos and videos would be taken by whoever brings a camera.

Invitations can be printed on a computer.

Depending if you have to reserve a large space for a certain number of guests, RSVPs could be optional.

A catered picnic is the next least expensive venue. You would decide upon a menu and get pricing from your caterer. You would then settle on a price, which would include location rental fee (if required), food, decorations, activity items and incidentals.

Depending on your survey results, you may find your attendee are willing to pay for family reunion t-shirts for souvenirs. Don't forget to add in this charge as well.

As your family reunion budget starts coming together and depending upon how much your guests are willing to pay, you may select from a wide range of family reunion locations and types for your event.

Budget items to consider for all other types of family reunion venue include:

  • Printing of survey, invitations, brochures, fliers and other items
  • Deposit and rental of facility and services
  • Decorations, such as flowers, candles, party favors
  • Prizes and gifts
  • Memorabilia
  • Entertainment/music
  • Catering
  • Professional photographer and video services

Once you have clearly decided upon the theme, type and location for the event you want to plan, your family reunion budget can be created. Be sure to include every possible item you can think of that will need to be paid.

When you have a list of expenses, be sure to add in a contingency amount, this is VERY important - you never know when something unexpected comes up. Divide that amount by the number of guests attending and you come up with a number close to what you will charge your guests - we'll call this the "registration fee".

Remember, if your event is too expensive, you may find many family members unable to attend - PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

When you know what your registration fee will be, let your guests know what it includes and request a check by a certain deadline. You may offer a discount if the check is received before the deadline. An even better way to collect the fees is to apply for a card reader & app from Intuit. Then you can receive credit card payments from your family members and the funds will go directly into your reunion checking account.


By this time, you should also have opened a reunion checking account - you will need this early to pay deposits and to deposit checks received from family members.

Remember, the quicker you get the money, the better!

Be sure to record all checks received - so no questions will be asked later.

When you start receiving responses and money, you will start jumping for joy - knowing your reunion is really going to happen!

When you look at the total picture of your event, you will see how many small items can soon become big expenditures. You may need more money from somewhere. However, finding ways to pay for them can be challenging. Let's put our heads together and think about this.

Let's now look at the several fundraising options that are available to bring in additional funds.

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