Family Reunion Committees
= a Successful Event

Let’s look at your family reunion committees; who they will consist of and what their responsibilities will be. These committees will be the decision makers – so you need some “doers” to fill these positions.

Be prepared that since you are the one that wants to see this event happen, you will probably end up being the Chairperson, the organizer, the Planner, “Chief” overseer of all - and the one with the “final say”.

Family Reunion Committee Chairperson

As the Chairperson, your responsibilities will include:

  • Scheduling and organizing meetings
  • Create a timetable of tasks and assignments as a guide for your committee members
  • Assign, assign, assign. . .remember if tasks are not assigned to any one individual, then no one will accept responsibility and guess whose lap everything will fall back into.
  • Keep everyone motivated; keep in touch with your committees regularly
  • And, above all, keep talking “Family Reunion” every time you talk to a family member

You may also want to be a part of most of the family reunion committees. This is a way to be sure tasks are being done in a timely manner; remember you are the “Chief” overseer.


Your “bean-counter”, or Treasurer, should be a very responsible person who will handle all aspects of your family reunion budgets and finances.

This person’s responsibilities will be:

  • To develop a budget to keep the expenses under control
  • To open a checking account that will be used ONLY for your reunion expenses
  • To manage the coming and going of money; such as collect admission or registration fees and to make deposits to vendors and reimburse individuals for various expenses
  • To keep the books
  • Obtain a credit card reader - if people wish to use credit cards instead of checks 
  • To oversee a Fundraising subcommittee, which will develop ideas to raise additional funds to offset expenses
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Your Secretary will be someone who has computer skills (and who doesn’t these days) to be able to handle all your correspondence and communications.

A Communications Subcommittee, will be set-up; it will be their responsibility to design a survey form and mail out a family reunion announcement, invitations and flyers to your event. They will also be responsible for making sure everyone in the family knows what’s going on either by way of mail outs, emails or phone.

Food, Beverage and Accommodations Coordinator

This will be a very demanding position, so you know the one to fill it; it’s the family “detail” person, someone who has done some major meal planning, catering or hotel planning.

This person should be able to delegate since the following subcommittees will be under this category.

  • The Food & Beverage Subcommittee
  • The Accommodations/Lodging Subcommittee
  • The Welcoming Subcommittee
  • The Set-Up and Decorations Subcommittee
  • The Clean-Up Subcommittee

Each of these subcommittees should have a Director who will report back to the Food, Beverage and Accommodations Coordinator.

Activities Coordinator

Your family “party animal” will fill this position. This Coordinator and the Activities Subcommittee will be responsible for the activities that will be of interest to all age groups.


You will notice that I mentioned “subcommittees” in several places. If you are planning a large family reunion then you will need all the help you can get.

To do this, the formation of subcommittees is a great way to get a lot of family members involved; this will insure you have enough help for each task. It will also add to the successful outcome of the planning of your family reunion committees.

Whenever you talk to family members about your event, mention you need help on your family reunion committees; many members may come forward and offer to help. They may even want to serve on more than one committee; if they have the time and energy – GREAT – grab them!!

One thing for sure, you can count on these individuals being in attendance at your family reunion.

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