A Family Reunion History Theme
Brings The Past To The Present

A family reunion history theme is what your family gathering is all about. It reminds everyone of - "our family heritage. our roots, our genealogy."

The description of family, that I use as a motto in my genealogy research is -

A group of persons sharing a common ancestry!

Whenever there is a gathering, do you find people saying, "My, doesn't Nicholas resemble his grandfather?" I know, as I've aged, I look into the mirror and see my grandmother looking back at me. Look at the faces in your family - do you see any resemblances? Of course you do!

So, what would we want to include in our reunion theme . . .
a family tree, of course.

If you have a family genealogist or historian, who has developed a family tree already, then you have a GREAT beginning. If not, you can go to Ancestry.com and start one.


It's very easy to do, just start with a name of the oldest member of the family that you can remember. After entering the name, you will be surprised to see what is added very quickly in the form of little "hint leaves" - check them out!

Once you have a family tree, you can make a large wall chart with color-coded branches designating different families of the tree. Color-coded name tags, badges or t-shirts to match the chart help the younger members of the family see how they and their cousins fit on the tree.

Now your tree may have lots of blanks - even a "seasoned" genealogist has problems keeping up with all the additions - but a reunion is a PERFECT time to gather the missing information.

There are free blank forms online, available from Family Tree Magazine, for gathering information. Your family genealogist can print them out and have them completed during the reunion. She/he will be thrilled with all the new information.


You may ask family members to bring old photos, scrapbooks or memorabilia, as well as family recipes.

If some members don't want to bring some of their "treasures", old photos can be scanned and pictures can be taken of memorabilia to put on display.

Family recipes can be gathered and made into a Family Cookbook.

Be sure to assign a couple of family members to act as "roving reporters", one with a video camera and one to record interviews, especially with family elders.

All of the activities of the family reunion should be videotaped for future generations to enjoy.

A storytelling time is a great part of any family reunion - it's amazing how members of the family remember the same stories, but in different versions. I remember hearing stories, over the years, that were embellished more and more each time they were told - after many years you wondered if it was the same story! But, I love hearing them each time.

These stories can be recorded and transcribed into a Family Remembrance Book.

Visit one of my PREMIER PARTNERS at Scrapbook Your Family History to learn how to scrapbook your family history photos and turn them into a family heirloom. This site also gives information on how to research your family tree

So you see, this family reunion history theme can really bring your family together -

"blood really is thicker than water"

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