Family Reunion Invitations
To A Special Event

Family reunion invitations should be sent out between 6 months and 2 months prior to the event. This is the one item which you should always mail out  to your entire list so they have a "hard copy" of all the pertinent information.

Your recipients need something physical as a reminder of your event. Believe it or not, emails get deleted without dates being entered on calendars.



By now, your guest list should be filling up and many of your plans are pretty much in place; you know the date, location, and what you should charge everyone. 


You want to provide as much information to your guests as possible - so your invitation may not be the standard card in an envelope type but a family reunion letter or brochure.

In these types of family reunion invitations you can provide not only the date, time and place, but you can give detailed information about what the fee includes, directions to your location, what activities are planned and whatever other bits of information you may want to pass along.

You may even find that one of your committee members is very talented and would be happy to design the family reunion invitation letter/brochure.

By the way - This is a good place to introduce your "family reunion theme" and start incorporating it into all your mailings.

Whatever type of invitation you send, it should be eye-catching, interesting and personal.

Some software make it very easy to print invitations on home computers with great results. is a good online site to find ideas and pre-designed templates that can be downloaded to a computer.

Your goal is to EXCITE   your recipient into immediately marking the date on his/her calendar.  This is where you will also ask for a deposit - it can be made in the form of a check (which can be returned in a self-addressed stamped R.S.V.P. envelope) or if your Treasurer obtained a card reader, the deposit can be made by credit card - and be sure you included a deadline date for returns.

As a suggestion, think about incorporating old family photos into the invitation. There are probably some good ones in those old family albums or shoe boxes.

Joseph and Josephine Baggetta
Wedding Day - 1924

So, now moving along, your R.S.V.P. deadline has come and gone and you have not received responses from a number of family members.

Arrangements need to be finalized; so follow-up  with the procrastinators is now required.

You need the head count - you need to receive checks

So get those committee members busy following up with the "dawdlers".

Have them set up a telephone chain or email to contact those who haven't responded. Have sisters, brothers and cousins help make contacts to encourage participation - and don't forget Great-Aunt Rosie - she'll get them to respond!

Just make sure to get those "yeas" or "nays"!

Family Reunion Invitation UPDATE

As I stated on previous pages, utilizing an online planning website is now the most up-to-date and easiest way to communicate with your family.  It is also the easiest way to invite them, sell tickets to your event, track RSVPs and it is an easy place for everyone to keep aware of all the plans that are being made.   Just such a site is  Check it out for FREE for 7 days. 

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