Selecting family reunion locations is one of the most important tasks in your reunion planning.

You must take into consideration the distance your family members will have to travel and you want to select a convenient location for full participation.

The considerations in the selection of perfect family reunion locations are:

  1. Attendance: The number of people planning to attend and where they are traveling from.
  2. Duration: If you are planning a one day event, then the classic family reunion at a home, park, beach, restaurant, banquet halls or even a theme park, will fit the bill.
  3. However, if you are planning a longer event, over a weekend or more, then completely different family reunion locations should be selected.

  4. Budget: How much have you allotted for a location and how much would your family members be willing to pay to come to your event?
  5. The one day reunion, of course, will be the least expensive; however, longer events may be held at hotels, family resorts, dude ranches, casinos or even on family cruises, which are more costly. However, many of these locations offer group discounts - AND, if your budget can handle it, you may even want to select a luxury facility.

  6. Accessibility: Will the location you are considering accommodate families with small children in strollers or family members in wheelchairs or walkers?
  7. Activities: For a one day event, you probably know what activities you will include. However, for a longer period of time, what activities will be available

- will there be shopping for the ladies,

- golf for the men,

- sightseeing and activities of interest for the children?

Once many families know a family reunion is in the "works", they may plan their vacation around the date. If this is the case for some, then your selection of family reunion locations with accommodations for families, such as hotels, family resorts and lodges should be considered.

More unusual locales, that require more travel and duration, but are excellent reunion sites are:

  • And...don't forget the FLORIDA KEYS, especially KEY WEST.

Most of these sites are not suitable for very large reunion groups, however, you may find a "branch" of a family that would look forward to a vacation/reunion combination.

Your choices for family reunion locations is limitless – all depends on what you and your family are the most comfortable with and what would be within your budget.

If there is a farm or homestead still held by family members, this is a great location to get to the roots of your family.

Restaurants and banquet halls are good venues for special occasions, like celebrating Granny’s birthday.

NOTE: Don't have to worry about setup, meal planning and clean-up, at these locations, everything will be handled by the restaurant or caterer.

Theme parks are wonderful choices, especially if there are a lot of children in the family. They offer discounted group tickets, a catered picnic and activities for the entire family.

A few such parks are:


UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida offer entertainment for everyone.


takes you on a one-of-a-kind journey to the wonders that exist beyond the ocean's door.

These are just a couple suggestions of great locations to consider.

Note: One downside to holding your event at a theme park is that everyone will scatter and very little mingling will occur, unless you plan a gathering early in the morning or at the end of the day.

Let’s remember that your family reunion is primarily to bring the family together; to remember the past, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. So keep all of this in mind in your selection of the perfect family reunion locations.


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