Family Reunion Outdoor Themes
For A Casual Get-Together

Family reunion outdoor themes are best planned during the summer - kids are out of school and adults are planning vacations.

They can also be planned over long weekends throughout the year - which makes travel easier for your out of town guests to attend.

Everything is more casual and fairly easy to plan with family reunion outdoor themes. There are many locations available for these types of events, such as:

  • a park
  • the beach
  • a backyard
  • a campground
  • a farm
  • a ranch

Food planning is more casual, usually a barbecue, potluck or "bring your own". Of course, family reunion outdoor themes can also be catered, if this is what you prefer.

Party decorations are determined by your chosen theme - so let's look at some of these ideas.

A Western Theme has been covered previously under Party Themes and is one of the most frequently selected fun-filled events.

A Luau is one of my personal favorite themes - I LOVE anything to do with the islands.

If a beach location is convenient for your family reunion, this is perfect if not, a backyard would work just fine. If you have natural palm trees, also perfect - if not, add some fake palms, hang some flower leis and grass skirts around and don't forget the coconuts. Have some extra grass skirts to put on your dancers in a hula contest.

Your food selections should include a roast pig, sweet potatoes and fruit salad - lots of pineapple and coconuts.

NOTE: If you can't roast a pig, check this site for a wonderful menu of luau recipes - Popular Luau Recipes

Your activities could include a hula contest - oh my, can you just see Aunt Susie and Uncle Louie doing the hula?

A clambake with a Nautical theme is another great outdoor event. This can be held in a backyard, if a beach is not available.

A nautical theme can even be pushed further into a Castaway Theme - remember Gilligan's Island? Has anyone seen Mary Ann or the Professor?

Your decorations are fairly simple, hang some fish nets with shells and starfish around. Maybe you can find a ships wheel or some other interesting items at an import shop or garage sale. To excite the little kids in your group, you can add some "Little Mermaid" or "Nemo" items as well.

A pot of steamed clams, lobster and roasted corn are great food suggestions, as well as grilled shrimp and crab salad - and kids LOVE fish sticks.

You may even serve a blue beverage from a large punch bowl - have you seen the plastic ice cubes with little fish in them that you freeze - put them into your punch bowl to keep it nice and cold - and when they thaw, they do not dilute your beverage.

Pull out those swimsuits and cut-off jeans and start having some fun!!

A Pirate Theme is another good nautical type - all the guys want to look like Jack Sparrow or wear a patch over one eye and say "ARGH", don't they?

Food choices can be the same as mentioned above, but you may want to add a little extra to your decorations by adding a treasure chest, with "jewels" and other "booty", as well as a rum keg.

YO HO HO - a pirate's life for me!!

A Fiesta is a sure fire success.

O.K. - this is a great family reunion outdoor theme event - and an easy one - sombreros and brightly colored skirts abound - lots of color everywhere with bright paper flowers. Hang a pinata for the kids to break - lots of fun watching them scramble for the goodies.

You know what the food should be: tacos, enchiladas, beans and fried rice, to name a few. You may want to set up a taco bar so your guests can create their own. You may even have this catered by your favorite Mexican Restaurant.

Your activities could include the Mexican Hat Dance and for your entertainment, think about flamenco dancers and a Mariachi band.

Family reunion outdoor themes may also include a Renaissance Faire which transports your guests back 400 or 500 years. When Shakespeare was writing sonnets and maidens were being saved from dragons by knights on white horses.

Just think what fun your guests will have when they come in costumes; women dressed as maidens or wenches and men as knights, a court jester, Merlin or peasants - Robin Hood and Maid Marian would fit in very well.

Food aplenty with turkey legs (chicken legs for the kids), fruits and loaves of bread. But, remember the olden days - no knives or forks! Ale and wine from goblets or mugs - root beer for the kids.

Decorations of banners and shields- tables and benches without tablecloths - and, of course, a stockade for the naughty ones who didn't "pay their taxes"!

Activities can include arts and crafts, jousting (make sure the spears are styrofoam) - Is there a juggler or tarot card reader in the family?

Note: One family used this theme on a camp out, using tents for The Inn, Ye Olde Pub and a Castle. The little girls were all maidens with flower crowns on their heads and the boys were knights with swords and shields made of cardboard. - WHAT FUN.

Just let your imagination run wild - you may even check out renfaire for more great ideas and costumes.

Family reunion outdoor themes are of interest to a lot of families who enjoy Camping Out.

Getting as many family members together on a camp out is a lot of fun especially for families with children.

Tents, trailers and RVs are the accommodations for this event. For those members who do not have camping equipment, many campgrounds or parks offer cabins and lodges.

Be sure there are hookups, restrooms, showers, water, electricity and ice available for your event. Also check for the accessibility for family members in wheelchairs or walkers.

Barbecues are the easiest way to prepare food when your camping out and having everyone bring a dish makes it a great potluck.

Reunion themes such as the outdoor themes mentioned above overlap into Ethnic Themes - let's take the next step.

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