A Family Reunion Timetable
The Tool To Keep You On Track

A family reunion timetable is a necessary tool in planning a successful family reunion event. There will be a lot of advanced planning and a well thought out timetable keeps you on track. It’s your locomotive, so to speak.

Your selection of what type of reunion you are planning will determine how much time is required to accomplish all your tasks.

My personal timetable has been altered many times over the years to fit whatever event was being planned at the time.

Following is an example for a fairly large reunion, which would include family coming in from all corners of the world. The family reunion timetable you develop should suit your needs and your event.

Utilizing all the topics of this website can give you a good idea as to when you should start.

18 to 12 months

  • Start planning and get organized
  • set up your committees
  • Send out a survey

Note: Information received from your survey will give you an idea of the interest from the family and how you should plan further; i.e., size and scope, length of time for the event, determine the costs involved and location.

  • Select a date
  • Select a location
  • Develop a master guest list
  • Send announcement mailer
  • Or use an online invitation, such as: evite

Note: Your master guest list will change following the R.S.V.P.s received - discussed later.

12 to 6 months

  • Select a type and theme
  • Arrange or hire entertainment, caterer, photographer and videographer
  • Send your invitations, requesting R.S.V.P. and deposits, if necessary.
  • Hold a fund-raiser
  • Plan activities
  • Develop family cookbooks, if you decide to do this
  • Schedule events and activities
  • If your location is at a hotel or resort - reserve block of rooms

6 to 2 months

  • Confirm reservations, entertainment, photographer, caterer
  • Order banner and other printed items
  • Reserve rental equipment
  • Order souvenirs: t-shirts, mugs, tote bags - whatever you choose
  • Send out reminder mailer, ask for deposits, if necessary

Note: Is your family reunion timetable keeping you on track?

2 months to 2 weeks before

  • Shop for paper products, decoration supplies, raffle tickets and other incidentals
  • Make or order name tags
  • Develop welcome "goodie bags"

1 week before

  • Purchase food
  • Follow-up with all volunteers, make sure they are prepared
  • Purchase disposable cameras - these are fun items at reunions

Note: If this is not a catered event and your family is doing the cooking, etc., be sure all food is purchased and chefs are prepared.

Remember the proper ways to store foods at a picnic!!

Day of the Reunion

  • Set up registration tables, rental equipment and displays
  • Get ready for lots of hugs & kisses - your day is here!!


After the Reunion

  • Review and evaluate the entire event - did it go as you planned?
  • Settle accounts and complete bookkeeping
  • Write thank you notes to volunteers, location staff, caterers, and anyone else involved in helping make your event a success
  • Send a newsletter out to all the family - include those that couldn't attend - they may wish they did and will want to attend the next one.

I'll give you the "pat on the "back in advance - WELL DONE!!

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