Internet family reunion planning is a cost-effective way of communication. It is a convenient means when family is spread across the states and beyond.

We covered all sorts of "hard copy" communications, from paper invitations, announcements and newsletters to emails and telephone calls. Now we will discuss planning  by way of the internet and how it can be a savings to your family reunion budget.

These days, everyone is walking around with their smartphones, tablets and laptops, and it seems that this is a great way to communicate everything about your family reunion.

Internet family reunion invitations, announcements and newsletters when done online,  save time and money - no printing charges, no postage, no cost of envelopes, and so forth.

It is true, that some members of your family may not have the internet or computer skills and that is fine, but, in this age, that number should be so small that the cost involved for the few paper invitations and stamps you would purchase should be minimal.

The following tasks can be accomplished through internet family reunion planning:

Email announcements can be sent in the form of eCards as soon as you know a date for your upcoming event. Find free  eCards at Wikitree - they are simple and classy and easy to use.

A wonderful selection of electronic invitations, that are free to send and receive, are available through Punchbowl, Inc.

While you will have an opportunity to upgrade to a membership which enhances your ability to personalize your event and customize your eCards, it is not necessary or required to use the free service. Your invitations can be sent with RSVP attached for your guests responses. You will be able to manage your RSVP list.

Punchbowl also offers online help to plan a party from start to finish. This can save a lot of time and effort on your part or on your Committee members - you may not even need some committees since some of theses tasks are taken care of in your complete party planning on the Punchbowl site. Some of the features of the services included are:

  • Online invitations
  • Date decider
  • Manage RSVPs
  • Potluck signup (if a potluck is in your planning)
  • Party supplies and favors
  • Message Board
  • Save the Dates
  • Easy Contact Import
  • Share (share invitations and save the dates on Facebook and Twitter)
  • Contributions
  • To-do List
  • Share Memories (upload photos and videos)


Order imprinted reunion keepsakes online from Zazzle, Discount Mugs or Custom Tshirts. Save lots of running around to find the deals - just do your shopping online. So much to choose from and they offer services to help you design a logo.

Online banking - set up an account with PayPal to collect your fees or charges for keepsakes ordered. Your family can pay directly to PayPal from their own checking accounts or credit/debit cards.

PayPal now offers "PayPal Here", their new mobile card reader for your "in person" payments. It not only reads credit and debit cards, but checks as well.

All financial information is completely encrypted for safety and backed by PayPal's world-class security, risk and fraud-management systems.

Share photos taken by others at the event - open a free account with Snapfish, then invite everyone to share their photos by downloading them to the service - your albums will be maintained online and copies of prints can be ordered from Snapfish. My family uses Snapfish for our internet family reunion events and we always have had very good results and service from them.

Create a webpage for your event, it a great way to help keep your family informed and where they can find the latest information about the date and location, who to contact, etc. It can also be a place to post questions and comments. Wikitree offers a free webpage that you can create in a few minutes.

Use Facebook as a great organizational tool to supplement your reunion webpage. It can help you organize simply by serving as a place to exchange private messages or "wall" posts. You can also create a Facebook Group for your reunion and/or Facebook Event.

When you create a Facebook Group, only members you invite can join the group. Creating a Facebook Event works almost exactly the same way. Although this is more limited as a forum, it has the advantage of the calendar function and RSVPing. That is, the people you invite can say whether they will be attending, maybe attending, or not attending the reunion.

Set up a social network - a website that allows you to have a private place for you and your family to connect and collaborate, share pictures, stories, build your family tree and just have a place to keep in touch with each other.

More on social networking and some family friendly sites in the section, Family Website.


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