Resorts For Family Reunions
Can Be a Dream Location

Resorts for family reunions are dream locations if you are planning a reunion over a weekend or longer.

A stay at one of these facilities can be very special. They are geared to pamper all who attend.

Of course it will be more costly, but your survey results and the majority of your guests that can participate, will determine if this is a location to select. If it is, then it may become a dream family vacation.

NOTE: One thing to consider is to block rooms at nearby hotels for guests that want to attend your reunion, but cannot afford this more expensive venue.

Resorts for family reunions offer everything to take place at one location. Rooms, suites, restaurants and meeting facilities, as well as pools, spas, tennis courts and in some cases, golf courses are available.

Many are designed with an atmosphere "for adults only", but you can still find many sites that offer activities for children - and, in many cases, children can stay free.

Event Planners are available at these sites and they will work very closely with you and offer all sorts of information and ideas to help make your reunion a success.

They will give group discounts and depending on the number of guests, may provide the meeting rooms at no charge, as long as they cater the affair.

Depending upon the interests of your family, there are numerous resorts to choose from:


Does your family enjoy the mountains in the summer or skiing in the winter? Then these destinations are for you.


is a one-stop destination to find information about mountain lodging across the U.S. and Canada.


Do you have a lot of golfers in the family? Then this is the perfect location to keep everyone happy.


provides custom golf packages, vacations and discount travel specials to over 40 destinations.


Check all along the ocean coastlines, islands, keys and lake shores for these locations. Ideal selections for your summer event.


Where you will find all the accommodations you need, with the added plus of an indoor water park which includes anything from multi-level water slides to lazy river tubing - wouldn't the kids love this!!


in Wisconsin offers several specials and packages to choose from.


These are the locations to keep the kids immersed in an atmosphere of fun. They are places like DISNEYLAND, DISNEY WORLD and UNIVERSAL, to name just a couple.

All of these facilities provide a vast selection of activities and entertainment for all.

No need for anyone to stay in their hotel rooms!

NOTE: Since everyone will be scattered throughout these parks, you may want to schedule "together time" early in the morning, then again in the evening to get your family mingling - after all that's what you're here for!

A wonderful site that is full of ideas for location selections, especially when children have to be considered, is Family Vacation Critic.

If you really want to "go the extra mile" how about a reunion/vacation in Hawaii, Mexico or the Caribbean? Hula or limbo anyone?

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