Reunion icebreakers are important activities at family reunions. They are as simple as asking questions, but they get those family members who are off by themselves mingling with the rest of the family.

For example, you know how kids are shy when they first arrive at a function - then, as soon as they find someone to talk to, you see them running around, interacting with the rest of the kids. The same is true with adults; some may find it hard to strike up a conversation with people they don't know, or haven't seen in a while.

To help overcome these obstacles, be sure your Committee members are ready to WELCOME your guests, get conversations going and start introducing them around - especially to the elders in the family. They will learn a lot about the family from a talkative "oldster".

Another way to initiate reunion icebreakers is to have an "Information Scavenger Hunt". A card with a list of questions, and a little pencil, is given to each person as they arrive. These questions may be on any topic and the answers are found by simply talking to other people.


The cards are handed in and when everyone is gathered together, usually when everyone is seated to eat, the answers are read and the family tries to guess who each certain individual may be. This gets everyone thinking if they really know their family members!


Using a "Master of Ceremonies" you may even give an award or prize for most questions answered.   Your Master of Ceremonies can be someone in the family that knows a few "corny" jokes that can keep everything lively and fun!

Some of the topics may be:

  • Family History: Where the family came from, where they settled, how many in the family, maiden names of the ladies, etc.
  • Family News: Who got engaged, married, retired, celebrated a special anniversary or birthday, etc.
  • Personal accomplishments: Who graduated, who got promoted, who received a special award, etc.
  • Little known facts of individuals: Who was the wrestling champ in high school, who climbed an active volcano (my husband and I did in Hawaii, exciting!!), etc.
  • Most interesting vacation trip: Who sailed around the world, who snorkled in
    the reef off Bora Bora, etc.

These are just a few suggestions - I'm sure you can develop some other interesting questions pertinent to your family. To get answers, people must circulate and talk to others - BINGO - ice broken!!.

Another reunion icebreakers may be to have family members introduce themselves and members of their branch. Each person, as they are introduced, would stand and say something about themselves. We like to start with the oldest generation and have them say a little something - it's usually VERY interesting!

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