Reunion keepsakes can be any item or items you and your family choose to remember your eventful day. Items which have become long-time reunion favorites are t-shirts, caps, totes, coffee and travel mugs.

Reunion keepsakes and mementos are reminders of "good times past". I have heard of family members keeping their reunion t-shirts over the years - and some families, who schedule their reunions every year or two, have held contests to see who can wear the t-shirt that has been around the longest - GOOD IDEA!

You may find that taking orders, deposits and prepayment for t-shirts, caps, totes and other memorabilia, in advance, will help defray reunion expenses

Some of your guests may not wish to order a t-shirt, or other apparel, prior to the event, but when they see everyone else wearing something, they may want one - so be prepared and order some extras to have on hand to sell at your event.

Don't forget the ease of payment for items with the use of a credit card reader, available from Intuit.


T-shirts make a statement, especially if they are imprinted with a logo depicting your family theme, a family design depicts pride and unity. Or you may decide upon an imprint with some "silly design" - just for fun.

If you have a talented graphic artist in the family, you can have them design a specific family logo to have imprinted on all your memorabilia and keepsakes. If not, free graphic designs are available from several online companies. Online shopping makes it very convenient to select just the right items for your event.

Caps and Hats are used by everyone; men, women and children - everyone loves to wear them. Caps look great with a family logo - they are items that can e worn for years.

Tote bags are being used more and more as people bring their own bags when grocery shopping. Some grocers are charging for "paper or plastic", so the alternative is to bring your own. Wouldn't your family members be proud to bring a tote with your family logo imprinted on it? Zazzle has some GREAT totes to choose from.


Souvenirs can be all sorts of items, such as coffee and travel mugs, sports water bottles, buttons, key chains, pens, mouse pads, umbrellas and more.

The sports water bottles are great for those who hold reunions in parks - they would be a hit!

Again, think of the extra income you can make from offering these reunion keepsakes for sale at your event. Again, a credit card reader from Intuit, will help make more sales.

Family cookbooks are another item that makes a great souvenir. This can also become a profitable item, if done right. Another idea, if you have any remaining cookbooks after your event, think about selling them on eBay.

Family History/Genealogy books are another good seller. If you have a family historian, then you should have all the necessary information you need to make these. is the place to find what you need. You would be surprised how many family members would LOVE a book to hand down through their branch of the family - It would become an heirloom.

Family movies on DVD - look in the attic or those old shoe boxes and find all your old family movies and transfer them to DVD to sell at your event. The photo department at your local drugstore offers this service.




Reunion Apparel