Using reunion party themes can bring life to your celebration. A theme is not necessary, but by using your imagination, it can attract more guests to your event and add lots of fun for everyone.

Keeping your theme in mind makes it easier to think of ideas for a location, party decorations, food, activities, and invitations - as well as anything else connected with your event.

Reunion party themes can include western, Hawaiian, graduation, retirement, Halloween - just about anything your imagination can come up with. 

The type of family reunion selected would determine if your gathering is going to be casual or more formal.

Is it going to be on a grand scale for the WHOLE entire clan or small for just a "branch" of the family?

Picnic Type

Let's say you have decided on a picnic at a city park - this is a great reunion type and the most common. It's a time when the entire family, young and old, can have lots of fun together. But look what happens when you add WESTERN reunion party themes - WOW !!

When everyone knows the theme you are planning you will find many will come dressed in their boots & Stetson hats - spurs optional.

You decide to have a BBQ for your food, complete with ribs, burgers and hot dogs for the kids.

Your party supplies and decorations may include bandanna type napkins & tableclothes, bales of hay, a saddle or two, some horseshoes and maybe some old items found in a barn or garage sale.

Your activities could include pitching horseshoes, a lasso contest and, of course, don't forget line dancing.

See how the picnic comes to life?

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A picnic is one of the great reunion types for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, then adding party themes like:

  • Hawaiian
  • Mexican
  • Nautical
  • Western
  • Military
  • Family History
  • to name a few

Dinner/Dance Celebrations

A dinner/dance reunion is usually planned around an adult guest list. It may even be held at a resort or hotel for an extended period of time like a weekend.

Your weekend can start with a social get-together on Friday night, Saturday can be spent shopping for the gals and golf for the guys, then have your dinner/dance on Saturday Night.

This may be one of the easier reunions to plan since most hotels have Banquet or Catering Managers who will do all the planning for you.

The dinner/dance is usually a good celebration for a birthday, anniversary or holiday.

Depending on the duration and location, this type of event can be expensive - so consider your attendees during its planning.

Banquet Type of Celebration

A banquet is similar to a dinner/dance, but is usually just held one evening.

A favorite restaurant with a banquet room is selected. Food planning would be handled by the restaurant - don't forget restaurants have a certain tip amount they add to the billing for large crowds.

It's also a good type of event when celebrating a holiday or honoring a birthday or anniversary; however having a banquet, with your guests seated around tables, may inhibit them from mingling with each other.

Camping Out

Maybe your family loves to go camping, either in tents, trailers or RVs.

Everyone usually brings their own food which develops into a potluck situation.

Activities go hand-in-hand with the surroundings and some families will bring along games and horseshoes.

This is a very casual reunion theme and a fun way to get your family together.

Reunion Cruise

This can be an ultimate reunion setting. It can be a GREAT way to celebrate a special birthday, anniversary or homecoming of a family veteran.

A three day cruise to Mexico or the Caribbean is very cost effective, since the fare includes the stateroom, food, on-board activities and entertainment - your guests know what it's going to cost up front.

You may find many family members will attend since they know what everything will cost them and they will have time to pay for most of their expenses in advance.

Many cruise lines now cater to children and offer lots of activities to keep them happy - this is something to consider in your planning.

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We've looked at various reunion party themes, but there are more to consider - let's move along and look at some other ideas, such as:

outdoor - ethnic - holiday and family history

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